Special Events & Event Management

Are you a business owner that has an event coming up and not sure where to start or you want to create a proprietary event? How to manage travel plans? Hospitality? Proper event management is essential for the success of whatever event your company may be attending or having. Quality event management will lead to a successful event and this helps show your business is reliable, will leave a lasting impression on your clients, and help with the promotion of your products and services.

There are three main steps to having a successful event:

    1. Make it look and function well & they will stay.
    2. Pay attention to details before the event.
    3. Make sure your team has great stage presence.

With our years of experience with event management, like our race festival in California or Energy Trade shows, it proves we have the unique skills and abilities to run a successful event anywhere.

Remember the most successful events are those events where all of your event management and preparation, logistics and crisis planning is done well before you show up to the event. When the event arrives it’s the management and preparation prior that will show off.


Detailed in complex event management, requiring travel, breakouts, A/V & Entertainment.


No matter what industry you are in, we have the expertise to ensure a great event.


If we can manage 500 people for 7 Days – We can perform for you.
  • Global locations
  • Convention centers
  • Proprietary Events
  • Hospitality
  • Logistics & Travel
  • Festivals
  • Registration
  • Entertainment
  • Catering

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