Helping businesses sell more of what they have to sell by developing unique and creative marketing tools.
Holding the highest standards of confidentiality for decades where our clients refer their competitors to us.
Sure it’s Olympic Paint company’s color B15-6, but it’s also the color of our walls in the Cider Toddy Cafe.

Change. Part Nature. Part Opportunity.

Be proactive when things change and take action.

We know that change is a natural part of life. At Cox Group, we choose to embrace it as the true spirit of opportunity. Change can be overwhelming as it is unfamiliar, but we welcome these occasions and all of their challenges. It is our chance to improve strategy, ignite creativity and drive award-winning results. Our Marketing Agency approach is customized to each of our clients and their specific needs in today’s hectic world of marketing noise. We understand your organization is unique, and we take the time to look at it from different angles and fresh perspectives, to identify the best course of action to take with every change.

Not just any marketing agency, Cox Group encourages its clients to be open to change as a way to adapt to new trends and environments in order to stay culturally relevant.

Marketing Agency

Full service agency with successful results for small and large businesses.


Our Approach on Creative

Cox Group’s team of creative experts spans multiple departments such as graphic design, web design, Social Media & Sports Marketing. Our in-house creative team allows for optimal collaboration– ensuring unique, smart and detailed results for your company.


Diverse Client Base

Our Marketing Agency is not only diverse in its services and talents, but also in its client base. In our 20+ years of advertising, marketing, graphic design, media and public relations experience, we have had the pleasure of working with 1000’s of organizations in over 40 different industries in 5 countries.


Sports Driven

Cox Group bootstrapped from the 20th Century with 1 client in NASCAR, to a flourishing agency. The earlier days of entrepreneurship were 100 percent sports focused with the heart pounding excitement of motor and extreme sports. Sports marketing was our launching pad to big business & sponsors.


Business Results

As one client grew to hundreds, it was the business mindset and results driven responsibilities that carved the path for our marketing agency to acquire big sponsors and established companies. Results driven programs and campaigns are the golden standard for referral business and growth to other industries.

Entertaining. Interesting.


What would a marketing agency be without a unique place to entertain clients that adorns the memories and work for those special moments over the years. And when nature calls, you can go out to the wild in one of our three guest bathrooms. Just memorable enough to hit all three heads! Check it out.

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NO 1. Charlotte Marketing Agency

Cox Group is proud to be one of the oldest sports marketing agencies in the heart of NASCAR country, starting in the original NASCAR Lakeside Business Park with the biggest teams in Sports.