Trade Shows

What are trade shows? Trade shows are events that bring together many companies from the same industry to showcase their latest and greatest new products and services. Trade shows give your business an alternative platform to meet potential clients and provide insight on the newest market trends.

Trade shows are very important because you can see how people are reacting to your product and see if you should make changes or you have the next best product on the market. At Cox Group we are more than just here to promote the trade shows, we will help plan, organize, design and layout your footprint, and manage all the challenges and needs that may arise. Are you a business owner/entrepreneur that wants to outperform your competitors in every way and prove your product is the leading product in your industry? Plan your next trade show with us!


Design your booth to be more visually appealing and interactive than any of your competitors.


Ease your stress so you don’t have to worry about every single aspect of the trade show.
  • Management
  • Fulfillment
  • Design
  • Logistics
  • Order Processing
  • Many Industries

Commitment to the highest quality

Drive engagement and drive results

Over service and over deliver

Embrace opportunities from change

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